Your own executive assistant

AnyFetch remembers everything about everyone

"AnyFetch fetches my last documents and emails, from all my apps.
That way, I always get to meetings ready."

Julien Petit – Blend web mix – GM

Available for Chrome, Android and Salesforce.

Connect your Google apps, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, and many more.

AnyFetch for Android

AnyFetch brings relationship information from all your apps, on your Android device. Lookup for contacts and shared meetings. Get notified during calls and meetings.


AnyFetch for Chrome

Get relevant information related to your actual webpage. Save time when gathering information for your communications and relations. Works with 10+ websites and apps.


AnyFetch for Salesforce

Get relevant information directly to Salesforce, for your business context. Made for Sales Professionals, to stay one step ahead.